What makes Wilderness Wedding Barn so special?

Where do we begin? There are so many things to love about this incredibly magical venue, but don't take our word for it.

Below are some of the reviews from our first year. 

"The Wilderness Wedding Barn is an incredible new venue located in the heart of northern Minnesota. Sue and Jozsef Palavics are the owners of this one of a kind wedding venue. The impressive century old barn sits amongst rows of towering pines. The massive hand-hewn beams, beautiful red weathered siding, and huge barn doors draw you in and create both a beautiful and functional space for your wedding reception. And the barn is not the only space that will WOW you at this venue! Sue and Jozsef have literally thought of everything and have poured so much hard work and intentionality into each and every space that they have created. From the bathrooms and getting ready spaces to the romantic Cathedral in the Pines and floral swing, this venue has everything you could dream of for your perfect Northwoods wedding!"

~Stephanie Holsman Photography, 2019

"I cannot even begin to describe the incredible day we had at our wedding September 7. Everything seemed like it was straight out of a fairytale! Sue, Jozsef, and their staff went out of their way to ensure everything would be absolutely perfect. They helped out in so many unexpected ways it was an incredible experience from start to finish. I cannot believe we were lucky enough to be able to find an opening to book this venue! From the rehearsal the night before to the wedding the next day, everything was perfect beyond words. My guests could not stop commenting on the beautiful venue and many friends came up to me today to comment on how wonderful talking with Sue and Jozsef was! I still cannot believe how amazing every single detail was. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! ~Jesi Scholer, 2019

"There is always that one wedding that people will always remember throughout their lifetime of weddings, this one here blows all the weddings that I have been to out of the water! Absolutely amazing place! Sue has made this place where it will make your photos SO much more memorable. Sues talent is beyond I have ever seen.
Sue, Jozsef, and her staff went above and beyond making this special day amazing! Being the mother of the groom I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything Sue and her crew had done for us.
I give this venue, Sue and her crew a VERY STRONG 5 star rating!
Thanks again for everything Sue! 😊❤️"  ~Sherri Ann Vrendenburg, 2019

"Wilderness Wedding Barn you have outdone yourselves to create an incredibly romantic and intimate space for couples to be wed. I have so many things to say about your special place...Stepping into the Cathedral in the Pines, I was overwhelmed with the quiet whisper of the tall pines as a gentle breeze kissed my skin.. The intimacy overwhelmed my soul. There was a quiet hush that filled every ounce of my spirit with a sense of holiness. My mind immediately transferred to something surreal; an awareness of the momentous event that was about to take place. To share your first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. surrounded on all sides by family, friends and tall pines, under a beautiful chandelier...you cannot find a more fairy-tale beginning than this! ~Sandra Wicklund - Wicklund Productions, 2019

"I cannot say enough about how fabulous Sue and Jozsef were and how stunning this place is. Our wedding day was beyond perfect and we owe a lot of that to them! I undoubtedly would recommend this place a million times over. We booked this place without even seeing it in person, and so should you! You won't regret your decision, I promise!"  ~Mandi Toegel,  2019

"First of all, can we talk about THAT VENUE -Wilderness Wedding Barn, owned by Sue and Jozsef Palavics.

The number of people who told me it was the most beautiful venue they've ever been to was astounding and I hope sue and Jozsef heard it as often as I did. Not only is the venue breathtaking, but Sue and Jozsef are the kindest, biggest hearted people you will ever meet. They would give you the shirt off their back, and bend over backwards for anyone in need. Sue has such an eye for detail and decor, she did everything for my wedding based off my very vague ideas (oops 😅). Everything you saw in person or picture and thought “wow that’s beautiful,” we have Sue to thank for that ❤️" ~Alex Beach, 2019

"Had a really fun time last weekend photographing the marriage of Alex and Jacob Beach! What an absolutely breathtaking venue and fun bridal party to boot! But seriously...this wedding barn... 😍" ~Sarah Mason Photography, 2019

"My husband & I had our wedding reception here last week & I was absolutely blown away. Not only are the barn & property breathtakingly beautiful, but Sue & her husband have thought through everything it takes to make a perfect venue. I planned my reception from North Carolina but Sue made sure I didn’t miss a beat. She was so helpful in answering all my questions and making sure I had everything I needed. Everything about our day was made perfect & stress free because of our decision to use this venue. I couldn’t have imagined it any better! I would recommend this venue to anyone looking for a venue in northern MN." ~Brooke Stroot, 2019

"I want to thank Sue and her staff at the Wilderness Wedding Barn!! You all are amazing and my daughter's wedding reception was perfect and your venue is beautiful and amazing!!❤️ Thanks to you guys!" ~Amy Youngkin, 2019

"I want to thank Wilderness Wedding Barn for creating the perfect venue for our daughters wedding. Every detail was taken into account and provided for us. Our guests were totally blown away with your beautiful barn, the grounds and the very special cathedral in the pines. The night was exactly what every bride dreams about, thanks to you, your husband and your staff!"

~Jill Scholer, 2019

"What a beautiful venue! Sue and her family are wonderful people who helped coordinate an amazing and unforgettable wedding for my family" ~Mike Pangrcic, 2019

"I am SO amazed by all the work Sue and Jozsef have done to make this venue an absolute dream!!! My husband and I just got married here on September 14th. It was the BEST day of our lives and everything came together so perfect❤️ Sue and Jozsef worked so hard to help us and made it as less stressful as possible for us. I am nothing but impressed!!! I’m so blessed I got to have my wedding here! What a perfect day it was❤️" ~Cassidy Vrendenburg, 2019

"My wife and I had our wedding reception at the wedding barn. We were absolutely thrilled with how beautiful the whole venue was and even more thrilled with how amazing Sue and her husband(the owners) were. They went above and beyond to make our wedding day beyond what we could have imagined." ~Ian Moore, 2019

"Wow is the word that comes to mind when I think of this venue and the people who have put this all together! This place is stunning and Sue and Jozsef have been soo helpful in the whole process of my brother and now sister-in-laws wedding! Cannot say enough good things about Sue, Jozsef and their staff at the Wilderness Wedding Barn! Highly recommend 😃" 

~Kayla Anderson, 2019


"Outdoor chandeliers, wedding barn, the lodge, beautiful north woods, and let me tell you about the people - world class hospitality any day of the week, they just happen to do weddings that’ll blow your mind!" ~Ian Carlstrom, 2019

"Yesterday I shot a wedding at the Wilderness Wedding Barn. This place is nothing less than Magical! I've seen pictures of it and heard about it but seeing it and being there in person is a completely different experience." ~3 Months Sun Photography

"I must say this was probably my most favorite wedding to date! The attention to detail at this wedding venue was second to none. The bride and groom were simply stunning! Thank you sooo much for letting me share in your special day.

The wedding venue is in northern Minnesota, the Wilderness Wedding Barn in Bigfork. a MUST SEE venue for sure...simply BREATHTAKING!" ~Image4Ever Photography, 2019